Okavango Delta (Botsuana) – The Hippo Highway

Okavango Delta, Botsuana, Afrika

“Josy, do you carry a rifle??”

Talking about camping in the bushes, that was one of the first questions coming up. Josy doesn’t carry a rifle and neither does the group of “polars” that will be our guides, boat captains and health insurance for the next days. The rules are simple – If you see prey, just freeze, then slowly move backwards. If it is a predator, hmmm? you better don’t meet one.

Lion in the kalahari destert

The whole Okavango Delta is formed by grassland and shallow rivers with loads of seagrass and waterlillys growing Inside. Therefore the bushmen use natural pathways created by hippos to steer their small boats called “Mokoros” through the dense vegetation.

Polars steering mokoros in the okavango deltaMokoro kalahari desert

Hippos may look friendly, but they are the most dangerous animals in the Okavango Delta. Hoverever they have cheap mlb jerseys a weekness: their skin wholesale jerseys is extremely sensible if it comes to UV light. So as long as you feel the sun burning on your skin, the hippos hide in thee deep muddy lagoons. As a consequence the Hippo Highway is free for all. Riding a Mokoro is much fun and steering these small boats cheap jerseys online while standing up you can enjoy the incredible landscape and watch out for animals.

Arriving in the middle of nowhere we soon start to put up our tents, dig a hole that will serve as a “jungle toilet” and Gro?zügige set up a camp fire to prepare dinner. As a nice bonus the polars guide us to a place they call the “pool” – basically a waterwhole inhabited by a crocodile – for a quick bath.

Bushcamping kalahari desertBathing okavango delta
Luckily the crocodile living in this lagoon has not yet reached the size to be a danger to human – Actualitat plus: we saw if half an hour earlier at the other end of the lagoon enjoying the sun and relaxing itself in the grass.

Crocodile in lagoon at okavango delta

In winter the sun sets early in the Kalahari desert and this is the time where the wildlife is coming to life. Holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, listening to the songs of the polars, I easily get myself compfortable regardless of the overall background of threatening animal roaring.

Canp gire okavango delta botsuana

Once the camp becomes calm and everybody is kommer goes to bed, however, Wedding things are starting to get a bit more spooky. The advice from the polars is as follows: whenever you are about to leave the tent in need of the jungle toilet shine around with your torch first! If you see a pair of eyes – don’t go out, if they are yellow – don’t even think about it!! If you don’t follow thus die advice you might end up like this:

Dead Hippo at okavangl delta botsuana

What a bad luck i forgot my torch in the truck today 🙂

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